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Simple Business Design

The 10-Hour Business Week Productivity Approach for New Coaches and online Solo Entrepreneurs!

Hosted by Jennifer Cottes, Business Coach to solo Entrepreneurs Since 2010


YES! It IS possible to Thrive on a 10-Hour Business Week?
And I am going to show you how Step by Step!!

Are you struggling with how to structure your business in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your desires?

Are you looking for a way to build your business faster, when you have NO extra time or energy to give?

Are you tired of feeling like you are still lacking the confidence and clarity on just HOW to ask your ideal client to invest in you?

Trust me... It’s not that you are unorganized, or making excuses that you have no time.... or that you suck at making sales…

It is actually that you need help to get all your systems in place so that you can FREE yourself from the “heavy-ness” of these challenges and create a simple, growing and profitable business.

This will allow you to get the clarity you need, quickly, and get back to the things that matter most to you, your life, your family and in your business.

What will you will Learn During this Free Masterclass?

You will go away with a complete framework for structuring your 10 hour business week - one that is simple and sustainable and can consistently earn you income.

Learn How To structure your business with a SIMPLE PLAN when your time is limited.



Learn How To connect with potential clients using ONE SIMPLE FUNNEL.

Learn How To use THEME DAYS as a framework for structuring your available hours.


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