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Not enough time and energy to give to grow your business?

Find out why more and more women are creating a simple business and how keeping it simple is imperative to life and entrepreneurial success!  
Inside the Emergent™, new and emerging entrepreneurial women, are moving from burnout to bliss by creating a simple business and a life they love.
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This is a group coaching program for solo-single-mom-entrepreneurs to create a simple business and life they love!

Are you looking for a way to build your business faster, when you have NO extra time or energy to give?

Are you struggling with how to structure your business in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your desire to be present with your family?

Are you tired of feeling like you are still lacking the confidence and clarity on just HOW to ask your ideal client to invest in you, in a way that makes you and them FEEL amazing?

It’s not that you are unorganized, or making excuses that you have no time, or that you suck at making sales… 

It is actually that you need help getting all your systems in place so that you can FREE yourself from the “heavy-ness” of these challenges and create a simple, growing and profitable business.

More and more women are emerging to create a simple business and a life they love by implementing simple systems that work for their unique situation.

Watch this video on my approach to coaching and I will show you how a simple business is totally possible for you!

My Story

I want to tell you exactly WHY I created this in the first place! Why did I shift? Why I know that I can help YOU get results!

I was suffering from burnout trying to re-launch my business after becoming a single mom of an 18 month old baby girl.

But I wasn’t sure I could because I was so overwhelmed.  I wanted to (needed to) do a business in a way that worked for my new situation as single mom to an infant.

And to be honest, I doubted I could do it because I was trying everything and "it" just wasn't working.

Also, if it was going to take too much time away from my daughter, I was afraid all the effort wouldn't be worth it.

If any of this sounds familiar, let me tell you - I know deeply what it’s like to feel the tug between all the competing priorities in life.

I felt like I was failing, I was stressing out and I struggled with making simple decisions. I even questioned whether I COULD do it... and I am a business coach!

I was tired of spinning my wheels, and knew that creating a simple and scalable business that could earn a good income was key to getting what I needed for me, my family and for my business to succeed long term.

So I set out to find a way to make that happen.  And I am sharing everything I learned and continue to learn, with YOU!

(PS. And at a margin of the cost!)
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If you are a solo-single-mom-entprepreneur emerging to leverage the online world

You Can Probably Relate to...

"I can't do good work when I'm freaking out inside"

"I'm deep in conflict about being a working mother."

"My head feels so cluttered I don't know what to do next!"

We don't have to concede to the life we are handed because we are solo or single mom entrepreneurs.
There is a way to create a simple business. Let me show you how!!

If you’re just starting out and you aren’t getting the traction you want, or if you’re an experienced entrepreneur that needs to shift the way you are spending your time and energy,  you’re going to discover how to structure your business, without sacrificing your desires and your time.

  • Discover a structure that you can use right away to creating a clear and simple online business that is sustainable and effective. 
  •  Immediately break free from the mental clutter, and do your business in a way that doesn't sacrifice your desires.
  • Master the skills and  process for inviting clients to invest in your service and experience more confidence in your business as a whole.
  • Focused attention on the foundational pieces of your business.

This is for you if....

You found yourself here for a reason... maybe you've been following me for a while, but you aren't sure if this is a right fit...
Keep reading

  • This resonates with you in any way.
  • You are here because you are your own hero.
  • You are here because you know the world is shifting and there is a better way.
  • You are here because you want to spend more time with your family or doing the things you love.
  • You are here because you want to reconnect with the JOY of running your own business.
  • You are here because you are looking for a supportive community of like-minded women.
  • You are here because you want SIMPLE STEPS to launch your business and a lot LESS STRESS!
  • You are here because you want to create a system in your business that will allow you to do less while earning more.
  • You are here because you want to leverage, replicate and scale your business.
  • You are here because you want clarity on the exact processes and systems for running the RIGHT SIMPLE business for you and you want to get there FASTER.
  • You are here because you want access to a bank of resources and inspiration, whenever you want it, but without all the pressure and intensity of an online course.

[NOTE: You do NOT have to be a single mom or even a mother to be apart of this community. I specialize in coaching solopreneurs wanting to leverage the online world - and their time - with a view of living a life they LOVE! If this is you, then Emergent IS for you!]

What's Inside.....

No more expensive courses! This is your one stop shop! Take action to create a simple business - the easy way

More great things included in your membership every month:

  • Automation Lab! Including Monthly "How To's" & "Fast Action Templates"!
  • Guest Speaker Master Classes each and every month on topics to help you launch a simple and profitable business and a life you love!
  • Accountability Calls to get you unstuck, into action and for added accountability!
  • Weekly Live Q&A's inside the Private Facebook Group with a community of highly engaged entrepreneurial women all creating a simple business and a life they absolutely love!
  • Foundational Core Content which includes:
    • Mastering your Return on Energy for more joy and Profit!!
    • Instant Freedom Planning System!
    • The Simple Business Blue Print!
    • A "Start Here" Foundation for a 10 Hour Business Week to get you instantly up and running with clarity and ease!
Join other women just like you!
Why I stand for - and believe we can no longer ignore the need for - a simple business!
More and more women are emerging to create a simple business and a life we love. Why?
Because we are fed up with the way things currently are going.
Because we need a new way.
Because we want to spend more time with our families truly participate in the present parenting "movement".
Because we are caring for our children and for our aging parents.
Because the workplace doesn't support our needs for flexibility and time freedom to meet life's competing demands.
Because we want to bring our husbands home from working long hours.
Because we want to be healthy mentally, spiritually and physically.
We do it for our love of life, for our love of family, freedom, the finer things, and the simple things.
We do it because we want to be present and "in love" with every moment of every the day.
We know, that no one is going to do it for us and we are taking the lead to create what we want in life and not just accept what we are handed.
For the entrepreneurial spirit that is burning inside of us,  we are ready to show up and shine as who we are, taking our passion projects and transforming them into a business.
We are following our dreams without apology... because, after all....
"Only when we show up and shine as who we are will we get the results we are seeking in life." - Jennifer Cottes

"There is a new ME emerging and all I have to do is wait for it to develop and help it grow and overcome fear. Today, I started working on my course on cyclical living and energy management again! And I can see how it will be a success!"

Willemijn M.

"I now have clarity on what I am doing and I just joined a week ago! I am creating a 'Modern Mom Wellness' program for new moms - mindset, nutrition, moving meditation and possibly manifestation. My one thing is locking down the meditations and getting them on video."

Teresa S.

"I have my website live! I've been working on it for 2 months, not quite finished, but it's live!"

Suzanne K

"Jen really knows her people! I was getting stuck a lot, right at the part where I should be getting clients and earning an income.... During a group coaching call Jennifer gave me a nudge by helping me get out of my own way and simplify my approach for getting clients."

Kelly O
Let's talk about... why this is good investment!
Here's the thing.... I have been a business coach for nearly a decade focused on private coaching for solo entrepreneurs. My private coaching services are at a more premium fee of $1800 USD for an entry level coaching package. My group coaching packages were starting at a $1K commitment. But what I found was I wasn't able to reach a larger and more specific group that I craved working with - solo-single-mom-entprepreneur emerging to leverage the online world. 
A membership community allows me to offer the same great stuff PLUS a boat load of amazing content at a really low fee!
It makes perfect sense!

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Join the Waitlis for Emergent Now!

WAIT! There is MORE!

I keep adding Bonuses! These are just some you will see throughout the year!

  • Simple Launch Swipe Files!
  • 7 Steps to a Sale - Sales Conversation!
  • Objections Checklist - What to say and do for the most common objections!
  • Automation Lab Resources - Links to my favorite automation tools with special offers and discounts. 
  • Additional Training: 4 Simple Steps to Creating a Simple Business
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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment is backed by our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee with the annual option! If you feel you aren't a right fit for Emergent, or you are unhappy with the content... well I want you to be happy so I will offer a full refund! All you have to do is email and your request will be taken care of asap! If you go for the monthly payment plan, you can cancel any time!
No questions asked!
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About Jennifer Cottes:

Jennifer Cottes is an entrepreneur, performance coach, keynote speaker, published author, host of the Success on Purpose Podcast and founder of Emergent. Emergent is the premier online community group for new and emerging entrepreneurial women creating a simple business and a life they love. Jennifer is also a proud single mom, triathlete and leadership development specialist. Her work has been endorsed by individuals such as Bill Clinton, and she holds a Masters in Business Administration. For more information visit or email AS SEEN IN:


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