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How to Thrive on a 10 Hour Business Week: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Business

A Step by Step Workbook

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In this step by step workbook you will create:

✓ a simple business plan,
✓ a strategic marketing plan using a simple funnel,
✓ a daily routine that aligns your business and income goals,
✓ a productivity system for managing your calendar and staying consistent, and
✓ a streamlined approach to enrolling clients and making sales.

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What's inside?

Create a simple business plan

Get ultra clear on your income producing activities and establish a consistent plan for growing your business.

Create a marketing plan using one simple funnel

Learn how you can master your marketing system and skills with one simple funnel.

Create a daily action plan

Create a system for daily planning that is in line with your income and lifestyle goals using the Simple Plan fill-in-the-blanks Template in this free download!


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