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Simple Business Design Workshop

A value-packed course that will help you make the most important decisions for your online business.

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Imagine getting it right...

So many new online entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by all the marketing options...

which can get you easily side-tracked or going down a path of creating the wrong business... that isn't in alignment with what you REALLY want!

Newsflash: This is why it can be tough to consistently get traction.

Do you want to create the right business?

Here's the thing... It's all about creating a series of decisions that are all in alignment. After all, you are unique and so should your business be.

I want to give you a process to help you make choices that are right for you, and right for your business.

The workshop is intentionally created to encourage you to take the right kind of action and we're getting back to business foundations to do it.

Creating a Simple Business  (and a life you love) starts with:

  1. Simple branding... without a need to get stuck on crafting the "perfect ideal client avatar".
  2. One simple funnel... instead of scattered offers and too many confusing calls to action.
  3. Making choices that are all in alignment... rather than creating a business you only grow to resent.

We are going to cover all of this in the Simple Business Design Workshop!


What's Inside?

The workshop is split up into two parts to assist you with designing and then executing on your simple business plan.

  • Why creating your tagline (a.k.a. your moneymaker) is important and how to craft one that gets attention
  • Picking price points and packages to align with your lifestyle you desire
  • Articulating an offer to  match the price point
  • Designing your one simple funnel
  • Time management best practices
  • How to map out your daily actions
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"After working with Jen I had a clear direction with a simple action plan that was easy to implement. I knew exactly what to do and didn't have to worry about what to do when. Jen is very generous with her time and energy. She is very action oriented and at the same time will meet you exactly where you are at. I truly enjoyed working with her and would hire her again."

Lisbeth Savard
Women's Wisdom Moon Circles

" I was blown away by how clear, succinct and power-packed it is. While many of these things are taught by others, you pulled the information together seamlessly to walk people through some of the most important decisions they can make as they start out in their online business. "

Deanne Welsh
Author, Writing Coach

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