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Not enough time and energy to give to grow your business?
What if your lack of time was actually a superpower!?
With the "How to Thrive on a 10 Hour Business Week", online service-based entrepreneurs are moving from burnout to bliss by creating a simple business and a life they love.
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With support you can create a plan for an EPIC 2021!
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But it's more than that.... so keep reading.

Are you looking for a way to build your business faster, when you have NO extra time or energy to give?

Are you struggling with how to structure your business in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your day job or being present for your family?

Are you moving from a traditional offline business, but don't know how to make that transition? Or Where to start?  

Are you tired of feeling like you are still lacking the clarity and confidence on just HOW to ask your ideal client to invest in you, in a way that makes you and them FEEL amazing?

More and more people are emerging to create a simple online business and a life they love! 

The Thrive in 10 Framework is about doing what works in business fundamentals!

It gives you a strong foundation to create a simple repeatable system that can work for your unique life situation and your unique business goals... by using the time that you have, wisely.

This is for you if...

  • If you’re just starting out and you aren’t getting the traction you want.

  • If you’re an experienced entrepreneur that needs to shift the way you are spending your time and energy, 

  • If you are overwhelmed with "all the things" and you want a simple way to grow your business.

  • You want to take the guess-work out of knowing what to do every day.

Watch this video on my approach to coaching and I will show you how a simple business is totally possible for you!

My Story

I want to tell you exactly WHY I created this in the first place! Why did I shift? Why I know that I can help YOU get results!

I have been teaching business fundamentals for nearly a decade now.

What I know, is that some things haven't changed.

But in this online world, we get so distracted by all the bells and whistles. We spend too much time getting stuck on our home page or struggling with what to post... instead of actually asking for sales.

We are also busier. And for me, fast forward, I am a single mom with a 6 year old. (read: busy and lot's of competing responsibilities)

I knew that creating a simple and sustainable business that could earn a consistent income was key to getting what I needed for me, my family and for my business to succeed long term.

But I also, fell "victim" to learning all the marketing strategies and tech tools and getting stuck in seo and social media and then course, after course... you know that drill! (And if you don't yet, phew!)

So I set out to find a way to make a course that goes back to business fundamentals AND that incorporates simple online marketing strategies to help my clients skip ahead and navigate all the noise.
I am sharing everything I learned and continue to learn, with YOU through "How to Thrive on a 10 Hour Business Week!"

I am putting a pretty bow, on my last decade of coaching solopreneurs... just for you, the online service-based entrepreneur.
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If you are a service-based entprepreneur emerging to leverage the online world

You Can Probably Relate to...

"I can't do good work when I'm freaking out inside about what I'm supposed to do next"

"I'm deep in conflict about being a working mother, yet I need more income."

"My head feels so cluttered with too many options and FOMO is getting me down!"

Who you can become...

We don't have to do it all, or reinvent the wheel.
There is a way to create a simple business.

  • Discover a structure that you can use right away to creating a clear and simple online business that is sustainable and attractive to your ideal potential clients. 

  • Immediately break free from the mental clutter, and do your business in a way that feels light.

  • Master the skills and  process for inviting clients to invest in your service and experience more confidence in your business as a whole.

  • Get into alignment by focusing your attention on the foundational pieces of your business.

  • Become organized with Simple Plan Templates that you can re-use over and over again.

  • Become equipped with  tools, systems and processes to help you build and grow your business.


Maybe you've been following me for a while, but you aren't sure if this is a right fit...
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You are here because...

  • you have an expertise to share and you want to make an impact.
  • in today's world running a business online is empowering and exciting.
  • you know the world has shifted and there is a better way to earn income.
  •  you want to spend more time with your family or doing the things you love.
  • you want SIMPLE STEPS to create, launch and build your business and a lot LESS STRESS!
  • you want to create a system in your business that will allow you to do less while earning more.
  • you want a simple repeatable business and marketing plan.
  • you want clarity on the exact processes and systems for running the RIGHT simple business for YOU and you want to get there FASTER.

How to Thrive on a 10 Hour Business Week is my best creation yet!

I can't wait for you to own this course!

What you will create...

This might be the only time this course is delivered live as a group experience! I'll show you how it's easier to get results than you think!

You will walk away with:

  • ✓ a simple business plan,
  • ✓ a strategic marketing plan using a simple funnel,
  • ✓ a daily routine that aligns your business and income goals,
  • ✓ a productivity system for managing your calendar and staying consistent, and
  • ✓ a streamlined approach to enrolling clients and making sales.

You will also learn about...

  • Mastering your Return on Energy for more joy and profit
  • Instant Freedom Planning System
  • Simple Funnel Guidelines
  • How to Interact with Your Ideal Client Along the Way

 What's Included... 

--> This is a course curriculum, private coaching and implementation support.

->  One 60 minute private coaching session for each participant.

--> The Course Experience is delivered in 8 modules.

--> Downloadable materials, a step by step workbook, and audio options.


Join other entrepreneurs just like you!

"Working with Jenn and using her simple strategy really helped me kick start my business. Jen has a wealth of knowledge about lead generation, creating simple funnels and how to deliver an effective marketing message. Jen’s sales strategy is proven and got me results. I implemented her strategy and immediately began generating clients. What makes Jen stand out from other business coaches is she takes the time to really ensure her teachings are working for your business. I did a 2.5 hour coaching intensive with Jen resulting in me achieving my goals that I set-out for in my business. I strongly recommend working with Jen. "

Amanda Joy Gill
NLP Certified Life Coach

"Jen, really helped me focus in on what I should be doing daily to market my business. I learned that I can do something that I can use on a repeatable basis to keep me on track and moving toward my revenue goals. "

Amanda Wyatt
Content Manager & Consultant

"After working with Jen I had a clear direction with a simple action plan that was easy to implement. I knew exactly what to do and didn't have to worry about what to do when. Jen is very generous with her time and energy. She is very action oriented and at the same time will meet you exactly where you are at. I truly enjoyed working with her and would hire her again."

Lisbeth Savard
Women's Wisdom Moon Circles

"In the last 24 hours I got 3 women to sign up for coffee chats... all by following your plan and shifting the focus on what they can have (end result) instead of what they were coming with. "

Rose King
Yoga and Life Coach

"I have had the vision and dream to have my own business for more than 15 years... There are few people who have inspired me when I have been stuck in my doubts and limitations. You have been one of those people!"

Jeri Lea Kroll
Psychotherapist and Parent Coach

What's Inside...

Modules & Private Coaching Experience

8 modules over 10 weeks,  delivered live, downloadable replays, workbooks and audio options, and each participant receives two hands-on private coaching session

Module 1:  Why a 10-Hour Business Week? (And Orientation)
Module 2:  The Simple Plan (Part 1)
Module 3: The Simple Plan (Part 2)
Module 4: One Simple Funnel
Module 5:  The Thrive in 10 Framework for Success
Module 6:  Managing your Return on Energy (ROE), Establishing Business Activities
Module 7: Planning Habits Made Easy
Module 8: Your Simple Plan Wrap-up



Let's talk about... why this is good investment!
Here's the thing.... I have been a business coach for nearly a decade focused on private coaching for solo entrepreneurs. Let me save you time and money, by helping you focus with simple business fundamentals.
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About Jennifer Cottes:

Jennifer Cottes is an entrepreneur, performance coach, keynote speaker, published author, host of the Success on Purpose Podcast and founder of Emergent hub. Emergent is the premier online community group for new and emerging entrepreneurs creating a simple business and a life they love. Jennifer is also a proud single mom, fitness fanatic and leadership development specialist. Her work has been endorsed by individuals such as Bill Clinton, and she holds a Masters in Business Administration. For more information visit or email [email protected] AS SEEN IN:


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