Are you EMERGING into a Simple Business and a life you love?   Let me introduce you to the... 

Emergent Training Hub & Coaching Membership

This is a business coaching membership like no other!

Get instant access to a high-touch, hands-on business coach for the kind of accountability and implementation support  you've been looking for!

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Emergent Training Hub & Coaching Membership

I know you're craving support... 

Creating an online business (so you can share your expertise and get paid for it) is exactly what you want to do, but there's a problem...

YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN... without support or breaking the bank ($$) to get it!

Warning! I am a different kind of coach!

A high-touch, hands-on business coach at an accessible price point... because that's how I am creating a simple business and a life I love... on a 10-hour business week.

I help emerging coaches and online entrepreneurs create a simple business and life they love.

I work with you in a way that's grounded in a:

Three Pillars Approach:
Time Consciousness + Organic Connections + Heart-Centered Sales Conversations

BUT... Nothing will work for you, if you don't take action!

If you are committed to taking action then this is one of the MOST generous offers you'll ever get!



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Imagine this...

Imagine being a situation, where you’re working on your business and you are stuck, not knowing what direction take… whether it’s execution, taking that next step, or mindset… 

Emergent, Your Simple Business Training Hub & Coaching Membership is designed to help you: 

Get unstuck on the fly!


It's the first of its kind that gives you full implementation support!

Stop spinning your wheels and get clear on HOW you will actually grow your business. 


Emergent is Your Simple Business Training Hub & Coaching Membership!


It is based on business fundamentals:
Time Consciousness + Organic Online Connections + Heart-Centered Sales Conversations

We aren't going to over-complicate your business with marketing strategies that don't work for YOUR business.


Start with Small Daily Actions

Grow your business on 15 minutes a day with small daily actions! The Small Daily Action Challenge Mini-course is accessible once you enroll.  This is your introduction to Organic Online Connections.

We'll figure out what works for your energy levels, lifestyle and available time... and clients coming to YOU!



Then Apply the 10-Hour Business Week Formula 

 Time Consciousness is key to staying focused and consistent in your business. Become clear and confident and take the guess-work out of knowing what to do in your business every day! Design and implement your business using the 10-Hour Business Week formula. Use this foundational training to establish your offers, price points and business activities in a way that feels GREAT for you... and then simply map out your days!

We will get into alignment by matching up your  goals with how you're spending your time in your business to get results you are ACTUALLY looking for.


Learn about Simple Business Design

Growth is about conscious design and follow-through. Staying focused on the three pillars or time, organic connections and integrating the art of Heart-Centred Sales Conversations you'll gain full empowerment with your business. 

Then, master planning and execution using the Instant Freedom Planning System. Once you have your plan in place you can put it on repeat every quarter, month or week... refine what works and ditch the rest because  as Simple Business Entrepreneurs we work on  "Do Less" rules!

You will be given a business planning process that you can understand, reuse and actually complete over a weekend. (in about 4 hours).. instead of spending months stuck in "business planning mode".



Up-level with Stacking, Mindset and Automation!

Whether you want to automate, add in offers, new ways of promoting or stay grounded in the 10-Hour Business Week mindset there are resources for you inside the Emergent: Your Simple Business Training Hub & Coaching Membership!

Tools and demos are created FOR you inside the Hub and I will keep adding based on your needs, as you grow!

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--> 30 Min Accountability Call each and every month, Focused on Goals & Results (must be used within a calendar month).

--> Full Voice Messaging Support using WhatsApp (instant access!)

--> A generous Training Hub full of “How to’s” on Sales, Marketing, Launching, Content Calendars, swipe files, Done-4-You resources and much more!

--> Supportive Community inside Kajabi*


The Get Growing Guide! Your roadmap to designing and growing your business on a 10-Hour Business Week. 

How To's! Including "How To's" in Sales, Marketing and Launching

Submit Your Q's! Check back or ongoing videos in the Q&A section.

Mini-Tutorials & Demos - For example, on how to create an event or search in other groups. 

Bonus Guest Speaker Master Classes each on topics to help you create a simple business and a life you love!


Investment is less than a coffee/day at $97USD/month, and you will be locked in at this rate.

You get automatic access to the Hub, AND you will have full control over your subscription. 

Opt-out any time and simply complete the month you've already paid for.

Book Additional 1-hour Coaching Sessions (for only $147). 

What others are saying...

After working with Jen I had a clear direction with a simple action plan that was easy to implement. I knew exactly what to do and didn't have to worry about what to do when. Jen is very generous with her time and energy. She is very action oriented and at the same time will meet you exactly where you are at. I truly enjoyed working with her and would hire her again.

- Lisbeth Savard, Women's Wisdom Moon Circles


Working with Jenn and using her simple strategy really helped me kick start my business. Jen has a wealth of knowledge about lead generation, creating simple funnels and how to deliver an effective marketing message. Jen’s sales strategy is proven and got me results. I implemented her strategy and immediately began generating clients. What makes Jen stand out from other business coaches is she takes the time to really ensure her teachings are working for your business. I did a 2.5 hour coaching intensive with Jen resulting in me achieving my goals that I set-out for in my business. I strongly recommend working with Jen.

- Amanda Joy Gill, NLP Certified Life Coach

Jen, really helped me focus in on what I should be doing daily to market my business. I learned that I can do something that I can use on a repeatable basis to keep me on track and moving toward my revenue goals. 

  - Amanda Wyatt, Content Manager & Consultant


Get Immediate Access to these Trainings & More!

Your roadmap to Designing & Growing Your Business on a 10-Hour Business Week is outlined in the Get Growing Guide inside the membership.

Inside the membership area you will get links to specific training and resources to support ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY!
This is not for people who want to sit on the sidelines and simply soak in content! So we create exactly, what you need and ask for!
You are given the actionable steps, the tools and knowledge to be well on your way to achieving income and time freedom by building a business of your dreams!
* How to Craft and Leverage Your Marketing Message
* How to Write a Fall-in-love-withable Homepage
* How to Create a Simple 90 Day Content Strategy
* How to Master a Heart-Centred Sales Conversation
* Creating Following-Up System (downloadable tracking template)
* How to Plan a 10 Day Open Cart Launch Calendar
* How to Create, Host and Lunch Your Webinar in 28 Days
Guest Speaker Interviews:
* Getting Unstuck & Living in Your Sweet Spot
* Becoming an Entrepreneurial Woman
* Coming out of hiding
* Quick Non-Scary Ways to Build Confidence
* Demystifying Personal Branding

Business Essentials: A Checklist for New & Emerging Coaches

With support you can create a simple business and life you love... on a 10-Hour Business Week!
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So here's the deal I am making with you right now...

Once you enroll in this membership, you will be provided GET GROWING GUIDES for growing your business on a 10-Hour Business Week and instant access to business coaching!



per month (USD)

  • Unsubscribe any time!
  • Immediate access to Voice Message Support
  • Training Hub
  • 30 min Goals & Results Calls each calendar month

Annual Option


annual subscription (USD)

  • 2 months free
  • Immediate access to Voice Message Support
  • Training Hub
  • 30 min Goals & Calls each calendar month
  • BONUS: Additional  90 min strategy session (within 3 months of signing up)

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About Jennifer Cottes:

Jennifer Cottes is an entrepreneur, performance coach, keynote speaker, published author, host of the Success on Purpose Podcast and founder of Emergent hub.  Emergent is the premier online community group for new and emerging entrepreneurs creating a simple business and a life they love. Jennifer is also a proud single mom, fitness fanatic and leadership development specialist. Her work has been endorsed by individuals such as Bill Clinton, and she holds a Masters in Business Administration. For more information visit or email [email protected]