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Find out how creating a simple business is imperative to life and entrepreneurial success!  

When creating your business, from start to finish, it is ideal to create something that is aligned with your well thought out business and life goals. On our own, we don’t tend to do that necessary thinking and and honestly, sometimes we don’t know, what we don't know!


If you are willing to commit to a life changing process, I can help you navigate all the planning questions in your business including creating a simple plan, marketing using a simple funnel, time management and connecting strategies with your ideal niche!

Trust me, you don’t need an MBA, you need to answers to the right questions to help you make a series of decisions that make sense for you! This is where I come in to help you, guide you, and keep you aligned and hold you accountable.  


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Who is Jennifer Cottes?

Jennifer Cottes is an entrepreneur, performance coach, keynote speaker, published author, host of the Success on Purpose Podcast and founder of Emergent. Emergent is the premier online community group for new and emerging entrepreneurial women creating a simple business and a life they love. Jennifer is also a proud single mom, fitness fanatic and leadership development specialist. Her work has been endorsed by individuals such as Bill Clinton, and she holds a Masters in Business Administration. For more information visit or email [email protected]

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