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Simple Business Design Intensives

Fast track your business launch (or re-launch) with this hands on coaching experience with implementation support!

Watch this video to learn what we can accomplish together in this private coaching by aligning your business, income, and lifestyle goals.

In just 30 days, you can co-create, launch and attract your first clients with my simple business design frameworks.

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Start Now and Fast Track Your Success

This is your fast track to launching your business! 

Nothing will work for you, if you don't take action! Stop spinning your wheels and finally get the clarity on HOW you will actually grow your business within 30 days!

This is not for the faint of heart, but you'll get a solid action plan that is in alignment with your income and lifestyle goals.


By working together over a period of one month (or less!) we co-create:

  • a simple business plan,
  • a strategic marketing plan using a simple funnel,
  • a daily routine that aligns your business and income goals,
  • a productivity system for managing your calendar and staying consistent, and
  • a streamlined approach to enrolling clients and making sales.



  • Up to 4 intensive hours of 1 on 1 (two separate sessions) 
  • Full Voice Message Support in between calls (up to 30 Days) 


What Other's Are Saying...

After working with Jen I had a clear direction with a simple action plan that was easy to implement. I knew exactly what to do and didn't have to worry about what to do when. Jen is very generous with her time and energy. She is very action oriented and at the same time will meet you exactly where you are at. I truly enjoyed working with her and would hire her again.

- Lisbeth Savard, Women's Wisdom Moon Circles

When I read your ebook for the 1st time, I was blown away by how clear, succinct and power-packed it is. While many of these things are taught by others, you pulled the information together seamlessly to walk people through some of the most important decisions they can make as they start out in their online business.
- Deanne Welsh, Author, Writing Coach

Going through this the 10-Hour Business Week intensive with Jen, really helped me focus in on what I should be doing daily to market my business.
This ebook is great because it's something that I can use on a repeatable basis to keep me on track and moving toward my revenue goals. 

- Amanda Wyatt, Content Manager & Consultant


What makes Jen stand out from other business coaches is she takes the time to really ensure her teachings are working for your business. I did a 2.5 hour coaching intensive with Jen resulting in me achieving my goals that I set-out for in my business. I strongly recommend working with Jen.

- Amanda Joy Gill, NLP Certified Life Coach

Simple Business Design Intensives

This is a hands-on coaching experience with implementation support. Together we co-create your business plan, strategies and tactics and test its execution to so that you truly create a simple business and a life you love!

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